The Board signs a 60 million loan with the ICO to rehabilitate 571 buildings in the community

This contract will result in the installation of 318 elevators and the elimination of architectural barriers in 216 buildings

The Minister of Public Works and Housing of the Junta de Andalucía, Josefina Cruz Villalón, and the President of the Official Credit Institute (ICO), José María Ayala, have formalized a goodwill contract this Friday amounting to 60 million euros for finance rehabilitation projects in a total of 571 housing blocks in Andalusia that, according to the data of the Board, will benefit some 7,540 families.

Thus, according to Cruz Villalón in a press conference after signing the loan, which was recently authorized by the Government Council of the Junta de Andalucía, this investment, which is part of the Singular Rehabilitation Program, will result in the installation of 318 elevators, the elimination of the architectural barriers in 216 buildings, the improvement, and replacement of 369 roofs due to problems of dampness and tightness and the renewal of the power supply network in 376 blocks.

In this regard, the Minister of Public Works has specified that the actions are repeated in some buildings. Thus, he pointed out that “normally”, the installation of elevators is often accompanied by other actions for the removal of architectural barriers.

Similarly, the set of works will generate the generation of 3,449 direct jobs, with a global investment of 68.98 million euros, which will be financed by 87 percent by the regional government and by 13 percent by neighbors. In this way, there are approximately nine million people who have to contribute the different communities of neighbors over the 60 in which the contract subscribed this Friday is materialized.

With the signing of this loan, of which the owner of Public Works has valued its “great social value” because “buildings and neighbors have aged at the same time, and, with this plan, many small and large problems of the blocks are solved”, the communities of owners of these buildings that have already signed agreements with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, may begin work on residential improvement- check this out. In this way, according to Cruz Villalón, it is they who have the “initiative” to carry out these works.

Also, the representative of the Andalusian Government has specified that the Board finances up to 75 percent of the cost of rehabilitation works, with maximum amounts of 7,500 euros per home and 10,500 if the interventions affect the structure of the building, but can reach over 95 percent of the works if the family income of half of the neighbors of the block does not exceed 19,000 euros of annual gross income.

Likewise, apart from the direct subsidy, the Junta de Andalucía also assumes the expenses derived from the technical assistance in the drafting of the project and other documents, as well as the management, contracting and management of the works.

In the Singular Rehabilitation programs, which are intended for “families of medium and low incomes”, with economic incomes of no more than 30,000 euros gross per year, and the “most vulnerable social groups”, and of which those with the greatest social demand are those that incorporate the installation of elevators, in 2012 will be in different phases of implementation 853 buildings, which will mean improving the conditions of 11,346 families – more than 35,000 people – and will generate 2,940 direct jobs, according to the Board.

Broadly speaking, the works to be carried out consist of the installation and improvement of 505 elevators; the elimination of the architectural barriers of 311 buildings, the rehabilitation and improvement of 548 roofs against rain, and the improvement of electricity supply conditions in 571 buildings.

The Singular Rehabilitation is one of the seven improvement and renovation programs of the existing residential park contemplated in the current Plan for Housing and Land. In general, the actions contemplated by these programs refer to structural and constructive safety, protection against humidity, water, gas, electricity and sanitation facilities, accessibility and adaptation to people with disabilities, energy efficiency, improvement of dimensions and layout of interior spaces and the installation or improvement of elevators.

The resources available in 2012 for the execution of the global housing policies, which exceed 389 million euros in budgets, will benefit more than 55,700 families, that is, more than 172,000 people. There are subsidies for the promotion of protected housing for rent, aid for tenants, the autonomic rehabilitation program, the program for the basic functional adaptation of housing and the transformation of substandard housing.

Actions by provinces

Actions by provinces


By provinces, Cordoba, with 131, is the one that monopolizes most of the actions of this plan. Overall, counting other similar actions carried out from credits granted by other entities, Córdoba also heads the ranking of provinces, with performances in 282 buildings, followed by Seville, with 254, and Cádiz, with 242.

In the specific case of the province of Seville -including the towns and neighborhoods of the capital-, the actions underway are translated into the installation of 138 elevators, the arrangement of 171 decks, 169 electric theme performances and a total of six aids for the elimination of architectural barriers.

In the same way, Cruz Villalón has estimated in 2,000 the buildings in which there would still be to execute the works, since, altogether, it has acted in 3,300 buildings, approximately. In line with this, the counselor has recognized that in some cases some actions have to be ruled out due to “the structural conditions of the buildings”.

The investments of the ICO in Andalusia grow in 

The investments of the ico in Andalusia grow in 


For its part, the president of the ICO, José María Ayala, highlighted in the same press conference that, until September 2011, the entity that heads had dedicated an investment of nearly 2,000 million euros in Andalusia, a figure that, As he has pointed out, it will be “far exceeded” at the end of the year.

This investment is translated, according to Ayala has confirmed, in more than 39,000 actions or loans. Of these, most are directed to the business sector as a whole through the “mediation lines”. Specifically, 1,600 of the 2,000 million invested by the ICO come from mediation investments, while 400 are direct investments.

Finally, the president of the ICO has highlighted that this entity, in 2011, has improved its investment figure in Andalusia compared to 2010. Thus, in this year the ICO has dedicated 12.5 percent of its investments nationwide in Andalusia, compared to 10.4 percent in 2010.